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Check out if you are the Mega Money winner for the draw of Tuesday the 1st :

This page is not the official page for the Florida Lottery. To confirm (accurately) the 07/01/14 results for the Florida State, visit the official website. There were 73422 winning tickets for this draw n°201407010 If you think you won the Mega Money draw of Tuesday 1st of July 2014, there are two possibilities. Either you won over $600 and you need to go at one of the FLORIDA LOTTERY CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTERS (you will also need to pay tax on these winnings). If you won $599 and less, simply go to any Florida lottery retailer (for instance the one where you bought your ticket). If you have the following numbers for this draw : 4 16 33 43 1 , you have a great chance of being the Mega Money winner. If that is the case, we wish you to spend that money to make the world a better place and please your friends and familiy ! Start Planning a crazy party!

What are Mega Money "Hottest" Numbers?

Here are some statistics that you may find useful for the next Mega Money draw in the Florida State. The following numbers come really often over the last Mega Money draws. So it may be worth it :)

Number # of time it came up over the last 20 draws
42 4 times
39 4 times
26 4 times
18 4 times

On the opposite, the following numbers of the Mega Money did not come out during the last 20 draws: 2 17 30 32 35 36 37 40

Megaball What about the "Megaball" number ?

If we take a look at the last 20 draws, here is the list of the top 5 megaball numbers (and their number of occurrence) :

Number # of time it came up over the last 20 draws
2 2 times
8 2 times
21 2 times
18 2 times
19 2 times

How to play Mega Money in Florida?

In 1986, Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment to allow the creation of the Florida lottery. The proceeds from the sales would be used to fund public education and allow Florida residents to benefit from the money the lottery generated. Seventeen days after the first scratch-off tickets went on sale, the Florida Lottery was able to pay back the startup money it had borrowed from the state revenue fund with interest. Six months later, the Florida lottery broke sales records worldwide and is today one of the most successful state lotteries in the country.

The popularity of the lottery continued to grow and in 1998, the Mega Money game was introduced. The jackpot for this game starts at $500,000 and rolls over up to $2 million if no one wins the drawing. Once the jackpot prize reaches $2 million then the top prize pools rolls down and increases the size of the payout in the lower tiers.

How is Mega Money played?

You can pick up a playslip from any lottery retailer in Florida. The playslip is divided into five panels distinguished as Panel A through Panel E. Each panel has numbers from 1 to 44 in the upper section and in Mega Money (lower) section of each panel is numbered from 1 to 22. In the upper play area choose four numbers from each panel. In the lower Mega Money section select one number for each panel.

You may also check the Grouper Quick Picks box to allow the terminal to choose the numbers randomly. You can also be eligible for a free ticket when choosing this option. Do not erase if you make an error, just check the void box for that panel and continue to complete the other panels.

At the top of the playslip, above the panels, you will be able to decide how many times you wish to play these numbers in a draw. You have the option of using these numbers in up to 30 draws.

After you have completed the playslip present it to the lottery retailer. The terminal will print a ticket with the numbers you have chosen and the draw dates. Be sure to check your ticket before you leave the store. You are responsible for the accuracy of the Mega Money ticket.

When are the draws for Mega Money?

Answer The draws take place on Tuesday and Friday nights at 11:15 p.m. Eastern time. You can purchase tickets until 10:40 p.m. of the night of the draw. Any tickets purchased after 10:40 p.m. will be good for the next draw.

What if I win before all the draws are completed on my ticket?

Answer No Problem! If you have won, but still have draws left on your Mega Money ticket simply take the ticket to the retailer where you purchased the ticket. Once the terminal has validated your ticket and issued your winnings, it will print a continuation ticket with the same numbers that is valid for the remaining draws.

How long do I have to claim my winnings?

Answer You have 180 days from the draw date to claim your winnings.

How do I win Mega Money?

Answer For each draw there are four out of 44 numbers drawn plus one Mega Money ball. To win the Mega Money you must match the four balls that have been drawn plus the Mega Money ball. If no one wins, the jackpot rolls up until it reaches $2 million dollars. Once the jackpot reaches $2 million dollars and there is no winner the jackpot rolls down increasing the winnings and odds on the lower tiers. The lower tiers cash and prize winnings depend upon how many numbers you have matched in the draw.

What are the odds?

Answer The odds of winning depends upon the tier. You have a 1 in 3 million shot of matching all four numbers drawn plus the Mega Money ball. To match all four balls but not the Mega Money ball the odds improve to about 1 in 143,000. With each tier the odds improve somewhat until you reach the bottom tier. The odds that you will match the Mega Money ball and win a free ticket are about 1 in 33.

The Florida Lottery is the most popular lottery in the world. Millions are playing on a daily basis. Both the winners and losers just can not seem to get enough of this enormous success story. The biggest winners, however, are the children who receive a quality education thanks to the Florida Lottery.

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