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Check out if you are the Florida Lotto winner for the draw of Wednesday the 24th (Jackpot of $2,000,000):

This page is not the official page for the Florida Lottery. To confirm (accurately) the 04/24/13 results for the Florida State, visit the official website. There were 30071 winning tickets for this draw n°201304240 If you think you won the Florida Lotto draw of Wednesday 24th of April 2013, there are two possibilities. Either you won over $600 and you need to go at one of the FLORIDA LOTTERY CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTERS (you will also need to pay tax on these winnings). If you won $599 and less, simply go to any Florida lottery retailer (for instance the one where you bought your ticket). If you have the following numbers for this draw : 12 14 27 30 36 44 3 , you have a great chance of being the Florida Lotto winner. If that is the case, we wish you to spend that money to make the world a better place and please your friends and familiy ! Well start celebrating!

What are Florida Lotto "Hottest" Numbers?

Here are some statistics that you may find useful for the next Florida Lotto draw in the Florida State. The following numbers come really often over the last Florida Lotto draws. So it may be worth it :)

Number # of time it came up over the last 20 draws
2 9 times
5 7 times
40 6 times
3 6 times
7 5 times
53 4 times

On the opposite, the following numbers of the Florida Lotto did not come out during the last 20 draws: 22 29 31 37 42

How to play Florida Lotto in Florida?

The Florida Lotto got approval in 1986 through a constitutional amendment. Since then, lottery fever has swept across the vast state, with enthusiastic players embracing new games. The first online lottery games came into force in on April 29, 1988, and have since then emerged as an industry leader with over $52million in jackpot winnings. In July 2008, they announced their intention to join the Multistate Lottery Association (MUSL) and in October 2010, they launched 7 online games.

Since their launch, their portfolio has continued to grow, and players have a wide range of games, with larger and wider prize ranges. Additionally, they have also engaged in community-based education projects such as the School Recognition and Merit Programs for most improved schools, as well as helping renovate, and build almost 800 schools via the Classrooms for Kids and Classrooms First programs. Over the years, the Florida Lottery has become a part of the Florida state framework richly affecting millions of people across the state.

How and where to play the lottery

You can play the Florida Lotto across many retailers spread across the state, or through an (ITVM) Instant Ticket Vending Machine. For you to play the Florida Lottery, you first get a payslip from an authorized retailer, select any 7 numbers from 1 to 49. Alternatively, mark the Quick Pick box and allow the terminal to pick for you all the numbers at random. You then select the amount to pay, remembering that the higher the amount, the higher the chances of winning larger prizes, review your selection, pay the retailer, and you receive a ticket with the seven numbers and a board game with numbers 1 to 49. You can win without waiting for a draw by circling the seven numbers in the game board that match your numbers, and if they form a winning pattern, you win instantly.

Where do I claim my winning prize?

Answer You can claim prizes of $599.99 or less from any Florida Lotto retailer. However, those amounting $600 to $250,000 and Powerball prizes of $1million and above are redeemable at a Lottery District Office. The ones amounting to $250,000 or more, excluding Powerball and up to $1milion are redeemable at the headquarters in Tallahassee.

How much money do I pay as tax on winning?

Answer The Florida revenue service requires that Florida Lottery hold back 25% of the prizes won in lottery for prizes higher than $5, 000, if the winner has a Social Security Number and is a resident or alien, however this is not required for winnings below $5,000. Conversely, they are required to hold back 28% of the winnings of citizens and resident aliens without a SSN on prize amounts greater than $600 and 30% from nonresident aliens.

Can lotto winners stay anonymous?

Answer No, Florida Lotto winners cannot stay anonymous, since Florida law demands that Florida Lottery gives the winner s name, game won, city of residence, amount and date won to third parties who ask for the information. However, the winners can keep their telephone numbers and home addresses confidential.

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